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Servicing Parkes, Forbes and Central-West NSW

Along with our free on-site advisory service, we specialize in every aspect of the earthworks.

We’re covering all possible earthmoving needs of our clients, completing the job without hassle – our team and the equipment are guaranteed to get you the results that you wanted for your project.

Our services include:

Quarry Products

Along with our primary services, we’re also selling some quarry products, such as:


Top Soil


Metal Dust


Road Base




Bulk Earthworks

In order to bring the area to suitable level and height for the specific construction purposes, we’re always ready to help you with the bulk earthworks – this includes moving, removal, and adding of large quantities of rock and soil from one particular area to another. These kinds of works require efficient equipment due to the large amounts of earth that needs to be moved, and we’ve got them all – loader, scraper, and excavators. We aim to reuse as much of the excavated materials as possible to prevent the costly collection of the waste material.


Civil Works

We at Steve Magill Earthmoving Pty Ltd can help you with all kinds of earth works – assisting you with building the core infrastructure like roads, pipelines, and all other kinds of projects. We have the people and the equipment to make these things possible, going from the simple site clearance to a very detailed excavation of your construction area. Operating on these kinds of works, as well as maintaining them, is something we have a lot of experience with.

Cut and Fill

In order to minimize the amount of construction labor, we’re able to engage in the cut and fill earthmoving works – using the cut material (from making roads) to make the necessary embankments. Most of our clients need the earth that was excavated at one location to be moved and used as a fill material at a different location. We have the workers and the machines to do this, and have been doing it for over ten years now.


As a major element of all civil engineering works, the drainage process is often needed in the construction projects that we get involved in – this artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water has to be done in order to avoid flooding and other kinds of damage. Knowing how harmful the water can be to your excavation site, we’re ready to remove it with our specialized equipment and make things a lot safer and easier – we make a short work of all your drainage needs!

Car Parks

Driveways / Car Parks

Whether you’re about to make a driveway or a car park, we at Steve Magill Earthmoving Pty Ltd are ready to help you with the complete site clearance and the necessary earthworks. Making a car park requires a lot of detailed planning and careful ground works, but we’ve been helping our clients with it for quite some time now and are keen to assist you in the most professional and efficient way possible.

Car Parks

Footings / Foundations

Every construction needs its footing and the foundation, with these parts usually being made of concrete that has been poured into excavated trenches with wooden reinforcements. This is where you’ll need an experienced team – we’ve been making stable footings even in the areas with the most troublesome soils, providing solutions for such cases and helping our clients to make foundations that are safe and won’t make any kinds of problems later. The footing is, after all, the most important part of every building!

Hard Stands

The hard stands are the paved areas where one can park all kinds of heavy vehicles, since parking these vehicles on areas with unpaved earth for extended periods of time will cause them to sink into the soil and thus become mired. The hard stands need to be made of thicker materials than usually, and require some additional planning and working. We have done many hard stand areas for satisfied clients.

Land Clearing

When one wants to build something in an area filled with trees, stones, stumps and other obstacles, he’ll need to do some land clearing first. We have the right machines and the people driving them for this job, clearing any space from vegetation and all sorts of obstacles in an efficient manner, and allowing you to easily continue with your construction plans. We have the heavy-duty machines that are required for this kind of work – all you have to do is contact us.


Rock Breaking

Our team at Steve Magill Earthmoving Pty Ltd can also help you with any kind of rock breaking since the excavation in rocky soil is sometimes required for the foundation of the structure. This procedure is entirely different than the excavation in soft soil and requires some skilled manpower and the specialized tools and machines for the rocky ground. We hire excavators with hammer attachments for this kind of work, and always do it carefully and under competent supervision.

Rubbish Removal

We can easily help you with any kind of old junk, garden waste, or general commercial or household rubbish, removing it from the property and creating a clean space that you’ll be able to use for construction or your other needs. We supply skip bins that allow you to do the clean up yourself at a time that suits you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your site sorted today.

Site Cleans

Our team of experienced guys are always ready to carry out site cleaning at your renovation and construction sites. We offer you the expert site cleans and waste management at reasonable prices, whether you are a domestic or a commercial customer. Don’t hesitate to contact us and finally have that site clean and tidy!

Site Cuts

Site Cuts / Preparations

If you’re building a house, a commercial building, or even just a shed, you will need to have your site cut and prepared. This includes clearing the area of all debris, excavation to a perfect level and the full preparation for the pouring of the foundations – it needs to be done correctly in order to avoid damaging consequences. Our crew has the knowledge and the means to do this – just contact us and we’ll organize and prepare the whole process!

Site Cuts


Trenching is necessary for electrical, communications and pipework. It is the most serious work in the whole construction business, as it is widely recognized as one of the most dangerous operations. These things can easily collapse and harm the workers, and that’s why we’re always doing it with the required protection, as per our SWMS practicing all the necessary techniques like benching, sloping, shoring, and shielding. We can help you with all of your trenching needs, digging and securing the trenches wherever needed.

Line Marking

Line Marking

The line marking is an important part of the construction business, even though it’s often left until the last minute. We’ve got the necessary machines and the experience for line marking, and we’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with the outcome – whether you need the lines for the lanes, round bouts, car parks, or even pedestrian walkways. Safety has always been a genuine concern anywhere where there is lots of moving machinery, buses, or trucks, so let us help you with keeping those lines bright and clear!

Line Marking

Temporary Fence Hire

You will probably want to have your worksite or excavation as secure as possible – no one wants any kinds of bad things to happen! If you’re living in the Central-West area of the New South Wales, contact us and our guys will help you with the temporary fencing, securing your site from all the sides and protecting it from all kinds of unwanted visitors. We will assemble the fence where you want it, and pick it up once the hiring period expires.

Skip Bin Hire

Construction sites always produce all kinds of rubbish materials, which is exactly why it is important to have the skip bins lying around. We’re providing both the residential and the commercial clients with a skip bin hire service, with skip bins being available in various sizes and being delivered at the time that suits you the best. If you’re living anywhere near Parkes, or the surrounding areas don’t hesitate to call us for a price and have your skip bins delivered as quickly as possible!

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