With the increasing series of serious accidents that arise from the use of various earthmoving machines on the construction sites, we at Steve Magill Pty Ltd tend to work while practicing all the safety measures that are prescribed by law.

The common causes of these kinds of accidents are the absence of the safe systems of work for the earthmoving operations, the inappropriate selection of tools and the equipment, the poor maintenance of that very same equipment, the failure in observing the required safety precautions, and the fact that many operators aren’t properly trained and are incompetent for the job.

Prior to any earthmoving operation, a safe working system should be established, with this system being followed by all the personnel that is engaged in the project.

This system should be endorsed and prepared by the contractor, advised by the service engineer, the project engineer, the mechanic, the safety officer, and all the other relevant staff.

Both the verbal and the written instructions about these safety systems of work should be given to machine operators who are about to work on the earthmoving operation.

It should include the following:

The risk assessment

The risk assessment should be carried out before the usage of any earthmoving plant on the particular site. The limitations for the usage of this facility to suit the geotechnical parameters and the conditions on the specific site are to be specified and mutually agreed by the persons who are involved with geotechnics and mechanics.

risk assessment

The plan of the operation

This would include the description and the identification of all earthmoving locations, as well as the duration and the scale of the whole operation. This also includes the use of possible routes and the access roads of on-site traveling. The width of the slope, of inclined surface, and of the access road should be correctly surveyed before the proper machine is selected to suit the working environment. The contractor should also take the weather conditions into consideration, ensuring that the project is not affected by the storm, rain, or just an unexpected change of weather.


The selection and the use of suitable machines

The following limitations should be given consideration: the minimum distance from the wheels to the edges of the slopes, the traction, the ground conditions (like the moisture), and the rolling resistance of facilities with rubber tires.


The maintenance

All equipment should be maintained, examined, and inspected periodically by a service engineer and the mechanic, to ensure that everything is working properly and to prevent the problems during the operation.

Observance of the potentially unsafe conditions

All sorts of dangerous conditions may arise during the earthworks, and the preventive measures should be introduced to ensure a safe operation of all machines at all times.

The workforce of Steve Magill Earthmoving Pty Ltd takes the safety very seriously and is fully insured. We’re meeting all of our WHS obligations, and also have the strict maintenance schedules to prevent any sorts of problems at our project sites.